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Having an email list is essential to any small business or blogger! It gives you a direct engaged audience to market any new products or services to.

BUT – How do you grow this list?

With Social Media That’s how! Who would have thought it!?

Want to grow your email list using Social Media? I’m going to share 5 ways in which you can do so!

Create a Free Download!

Everyone loves a freebie!
Create some valuable content – worksheets, ebooks, ecourses etc and offer them as a free download when someone signs up to your email list.
When you’ve created the freebie add it to a blog post or a page on your website and let your audience know how hey can download it!

Schedule Social Media Posts Offering Your Download!

This is the part that lots of clients forget to do….You spend time creating your amazing free content, publish it in a blog post and then forget about it hoping it will do the work for you – That’s not going to happen.

You need to create some social media promotions.
Find out where your audience spends the most time and promote, promote, promote – but not in a spammy way! Post to every account you use for your business and change the times of day you post.

Host A Giveaway

Similar to above everyone loves a giveaway, and a giveaway can be a great way to grow your subscriber list.

There are loads of different plug ins around the internet that offer entries into a giveaway in exchange for an email address.

The quality of your giveaway in paramount! Offering a new laptop to subscribers is a sure fire way to get a billion new sign ups but after the giveaway is finished they won’t care about your services and the products you offer.
Look at your target market and tailor the giveaway to suit them. That way you can be sure that anyone subscribing and entering the giveaway is an engaged subscriber with a interest in your business.

Use “Click to Tweet” in your content.

On your blog or website include a button that your subscribers can click to share your free content on Twitter.

Clicktotweet.com allows you to pre write a tweet and then generates a special link. When someone clicks the link they are taken to their Twitter profile so all they need to do is publish the Tweet! Easy right!?

Adding Click to Tweet means that your subscribers end up sharing your content all over twitter for you.

Add a call to action on social media

You have an active engaged audience on social media so why not use your profiles to increase your email list?

Add a call to action in your bios to encourage new followers to sign up when they are most engaged and excited about finding you.




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