Why Hire A Social Media Manager

Almost every business, no matter what stage they are at can benefit from hiring an experienced social media manager.

As a business owner it can be quite easy to overlook just how important the role of social media can play in your business and it can often be easier to add social media tasks into the duties and responsibilities of other members of your team – or try and complete the tasks yourself – when you have time! Below I’ll outline just a few reasons why it makes sense to hire a social media manager to look after the social media platforms your business uses.

Customer SERVICE

A person handling your social media is the face of your business on the internet. They offer a form of customer service, interacting with customers, replying and responding to comments and messages online. Therefore it is soooooooo (so so so) important to make sure the individual handling your social media is dedicated to the job.

Help Provide a Cohesive Brand Image

The aim of every business is to provide a cohesive brand across all platforms. Spreading the duties and responsibilities across multiple members of staff means that the unique voice can get lost. Hiring one person to handle all your platforms means that your image and voice stays consistent.

Attract New Customers

We all know by now that social media is an Ahhhhmazing way of attracting new customers when done properly. We also all know that to do it properly takes a lot of time! Hiring a social media manager means they are solely dedicated to promoting your business online and can therefore dedicate the time it needs to do it properly – leaving you free to handle all other aspects of your business.

increase social media engagement

Posting regular and engaging updates across all social media platforms means that followers are more likely to engage with your brand. Hiring a social media manager means that all platforms receive regular updates that can promote social media engagement.

If you are interested in hiring a social media manager to help your business, why not see how we can help?



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