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We all want to grow our businesses right? What if there was a “free” easy way to do it? In fact you are probably already doing it…..but are you doing it effectively? I’m talking about Blogging! The word itself either makes people jump for job because they love blogging or it makes them cower in fear and find blogging overwhelming.

Done right a blog for your business can drive traffic to your website, increase sales and build trust with your audience. Despite the benefits a lot of businesses still do not have a blog. I know it takes a lot of time and commitment but can you really afford to be without a blog?

In an attempt to make the blogging process easier and less overwhelming I’m sharing my top tips for writing a business blog:

Write for your customers:

I know it seems ridiculous right? But I have seen clients writing about topics completly unrelated to the services and products that they are trying to sell.
While you don’t want to be sleazy and salesy you do want to try and provide some value to your customers.
Look at some of the problems your customers face – let them know how they can solve the problem. Give a behind the scenes look into your business, keep them up to date with the latest industry news.
Be creative and engaging and your customers will appreciate the effort.

Plan plan plan

Many business avoid writing a blog due to the amount of time it takes. Yes it can be time consuming but if planned properly it really doesn’t need to be.

Take the time once a month to sit and brainstorm content ideas. Include answers to questions asked by your customers. Also utilise Google Adwords – find the phrases your customers are searching when they look for your business or services. Write a blog post based around these phrases.

By spending an amount of time planning you can generate enough content to use for blog posts for the next few weeks or months.

HOw often?

This is a major factor when it comes to putting people off blogging for their business. You DO NOT have to blog daily! You do need to blog frequently but it needs to be at a rate you can maintain and manage. Once a week is fine……once a fortnight is ok too, just remain consistent.

By blogging frequuently you can improve your SEO reach – therefore getting your website in front on more potenetial customers.

How Much?

Good news! You do not need to write paragraph upon paragraph! In fact quite the opposite.
People reading on the internet tend to skim. Keep blog posts to around 400 words – make your content clear and consice. Where possible use short bullet pointed paragraphs. That way customers can skim and easily read the bits that really interest them.

Encourage Interaction

You might not get any comments at first, but use your blog posts to encourage interaction with your audience. Ask questions at the bottom of posts…suggest other posts your readers might like to read (within your blog), direct them to your social media profiles etc.

Part of encouraging interaction is ensuring that your blog can be shared! The ability to share your blog is a complete winner! Not only does it mean that your audience is doing the work for you, it also means you are building links!!! Use a share icon plugin or have someone create some that match your branding. Either way make sure your blog has them.


My last point…..Measure your blogs performance. Using Google Analytics will give you a clearer picture of how people are accessing your blog and the search terms they are using. It will also let you know the kind of content your readers like reading….having this info means that it is so much easier in the future to write blog posts that convert!

Do you have a blog for your business?

What are the benefits you have seen from blogging?

If you still think that writing a business blog is too overwhelming but see the possibilities and potential for growth by having one, why not think about hiring a content marketer? If you need more information please do get in touch!


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