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Whether to start a blog or not can be fairly daunting! I know I’ve uhmed and ahhed over it so many times. In truth I’ve started at least 6 blogs. Some of which grew to be successful, others not so much.
In my post – How to Blog For Your Business I shared a lot of reasons as to why having a business blog was a good idea to help with growth. So today I’m going to cover starting a blog from the ground up!

Step One – Set Up Website Hosting!

The internet is literally scattered with hundreds upon hundreds of web hosting companies. Finding the right one can be a bit of a challenge so I often look to the ones that more established bloggers are using and more often than not they recommend Blue Host and then use this to install the software on.

Blue Host  offer Free WordPress hosting, Friendly/Helpful technical support, no contract and best of all they are affordable! Meaning that if you decide blogging isn’t for you, you have the option to cancel and not have to continue paying for expensive hosting.

To set up your hosting with Blue Host:
Follow the link to Blue Host and click GET STARTED NOW.

How to Use Blue Host for Website Hosting

Next up you need to select the payment package you need. If you’re only planning on running one blog from your account you only really need the basic package. Select the package you need and then follow the steps to complete your order.

Now that you’re signed up you can get to installing WordPress!

First up check your email for you Cpanel log in information!
Log in and scroll to MOJO marketplace – Select the ONE CLICK INSTALLS button.
From here click on the WordPress Icon – This will open an installation window. From there click the green start button to begin your WordPress installation.

How to Install WordPress on Blue Host

Choose which domain you want to install the new instance of WordPress on.
Click CHECK DOMAIN – This then makes sure that the domain is pointing to your hosting account.

Click SHOW ADVANCED OPTIONS – From here you can set your own username and password to access your WordPress site. Make sure you choose a SECURE password to prevent any hacking attempts.

Check the terms and conditions box – Read them first! and then click INSTALL NOW

From here you will see a progress box showing you how far along installation is. Once installed you will be given a screen showing you your log in information. This will also be emailed to you! I recommend you saving it for future reference.

Now you can log in and edit your theme, add a new theme and begin blogging!


If you want further info on how to start a blog for your business click the link below to be kept upto date:

How to Blog For Your Business



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